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Written by Omar von Muller — December 19, 2013


Kathy Poncy:

I love this page and will check back often and purchase when you have t-shirts and the memorabilia up and running.

I am a major FAN !!! Kathuy

December 23 2013


I just watched your teaser video about marks and followed the link to your website, however there isn’t link for the DVD for sale. :(

January 03 2014


Sorry It should be ready in a day or two….
Thank You

January 03 2014


I just love Jumpy’s painting. My brother in law loved it, too, and I am going to order one as a birthday present for him. Thanks so much for a truly unique work of art.

January 18 2014


Will you be posting downloadable (for purchase) training videos?

Also, how long does it take for items (like the video I just ordered) to be shipped?

Thank you.

January 22 2014


I’ll be coming back to get the Marks dvd. And now I here there will be more! Can’t wait :)

January 25 2014


I am 76 and just adopted a year old lab mix from the shelter. Which video should I purchase to show me how to teach him to not scratch and bite me and to come and hold still for me to put a leash on him. There is probably other stuff I need to teach him that I don’t know about. :) Thank you.

February 16 2014


Hi Margaret:
Sorry but that would be Obedience training videos, our training videos collection are for tricks only.
You should contact your local trainers.
Good Luck

February 16 2014

Ekaterina Berezina:

Hello Omar! I just would like to thank you for "Training “Marks” DVD video, which I got a couple days ago. It is very helpful! I hope that by following your reccomendations I will be able to improve my dog’s obedience skills. I would be happy to have a tutorial how to teach a dog to fetch a dumbbell. Thank you once more :)

February 20 2014

diana vaccaro:

will you have a training video on how to teach the slow walk to get the ball and putting paw over face—- you are truly so great!!!!

February 23 2014


Love watching your videos!! I have a 4 year old Doberman, do you think she is still young enough to train? She has some basic obedience training already. I sure wish you would do some obedience training videos! I live in a rural area and don’t have a good selection of trainers!! :)

April 03 2014


Can you come to France and train a daft owner with a very clever jack Russell please !!!!!

April 04 2014


Hi Omar! I just need help figuring out which DVD I should purchase for my 8 month husky lab mix puppy because she gets distracted and won’t listen


July 17 2014


Hello omar! I just want to know how to teach my 8 month husky lab mix to do agility because she won’t listen


July 17 2014

Beth Nelson:

Omar—I love the Jumpy videos! He is an amazing dog with a pretty awesome trainer! I had a Cattle Dog for 11 yrs who passed away in March. My husband and I were heartbroken because Blue was the smartest dog I have ever had (not Jumpy smart, but he had the potential!). We have recently rescued another Cattle Dog (Dingo is his name-o) and I can tell he is another smart one. I look forward to purchasing the videos and look forward to more videos of your amazing work!

July 18 2014

Renee Wilkinson:

WOW.. Awesome and sooo amazing to watch. Brilliant dogs and trainers.

January 19 2015

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Thank You for coming to our store,

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Thank You for coming to our store, Working on more videos , please keep checking.  Thank You Omar